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About the Smallholder Facility

Purpose of the Facility

The Smallholder Support Facility will support the implementation of initiatives leading to the development of sustainable and replicable models of integrating smallholder farmers into markets. The facility will focus on those initiatives that seek to address agricultural support service constraints faced by market focused smallholder farmers. The range of initiatives to be financed includes:

  • Innovative models for supply of relevant agricultural support services (Technology development and transfer initiatives, training, credit etc.) benefiting smallholder farmers;
  • Private sector driven outgrower schemes in priority value chains for the corridor.

Grants will be awarded to Mozambican farmers’ organizations, private companies, research institutions and NGOs who can demonstrate that “one off” investment to address identified constraints will enable smallholder farmers to increase their incomes in a sustainable way without the need for ongoing subsidy.

Grant Limits

The facility will operate on a matching grant basis (matching contributions can be in cash or in kind, e.g. personnel time or assets) and will provide grants to eligible applicants of up to a maximum of USD100.000 per year (maximum two years). The actual grant amount will depend on the requirements of the proposed investment. At the end of this period the activity will be technically evaluated and a decision made on whether or not a further funding period is required or justified. Co-financing of activities with participating organizations will be encouraged.

Submission of Concept Note and Full Proposals:

Grants will be competed for through a two-tier approach:  first, requiring an initial Concept Paper and then a full Proposal.

Application Process

Applicants will be required to submit applications to the BAGC secretariat ( Grant applications will be evaluated by a Special Committee that has been established for this purpose.

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