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BAGC Institutional Arrangement




The BAGC initiative has two institutional pillars:

  • The BAGC Partnership which is managed by a full-time Secretariat; and
  • The BAGC Catalytic Fund which is managed by AgDevCo on a cost-recovery basis.

Both are incorporated as separate Mozambican legal entities with a common purpose which is to further the aims of the BAGC initiative. The former is a not-for-profit membership Association. The latter is an Investment Company.

BAGC Partnership

The BAGC Partnership is registered as an Association under Mozambican Law. The Partnership is composed essentially of:

  • Central and local Mozambique government agencies
  • An international consortium of private sector companies
  • Local private sector actors including national and district-based farmers' organizations, input companies and stockists, finance institutions, field projects and programmes,
  • NGOs and private sector service providers.

The core constituents of BAGC Partnership are (i) its Membership, (ii) its Board (and any sub-committees); and (iii) the full-time Secretariat that will support the Board.

BAGC Board

The aim of BAGC Board is to represent the aims of the broader membership, with the support of the secretariat translating these into concrete actions and plans. The Board of Directors is composed of five directors:

  • One member of the Board is a representative of the Ministry of Agriculture (Cepagri);
  • One member of the Board is the representative of the National Farmer´s Organization
  • Two members of the Board of Directors represent the private sector; and
  • One member of the Board is the Executive Director of the BAGCP Secretariat.


The BAGC Secretariat based within the Corridor provides a platform for the coordination and facilitation of operational support for the work of the partnership.

  • It acts as a coordinating body bringing together stakeholders to discuss specific issues and share information.
  • It lobbies government and development partners to address key constraints on agricultural development.
  • It implements specific programmes funded by development partners which support the overall aims of the BAGC
  • It advises the Catalytic Fund on use of concessional and grant funding for smallholder farmer development programmes
  • It monitors and evaluates the overall impacts of the BAGC initiative including investments made by the Catalytic Fund

The CF

The CF is being registered as an Investment Company. The role of the Catalytic Fund is to invest in early-stage farming and agro-processing businesses which incorporate smallholder and emergent farmers.

The BAGC Catalytic Fund has a board of four directors, three of whom are appointed by the board of the BAGC Partnership. The fourth director is a representative of the fund manager, AgDevCo.

The BAGC Catalytic Fund has an Investment Committee which is responsible for making all decisions on how funds are allocated in accordance the recommendation of the fund manager.

Two of the members of the Investment Committee are non-executive directors of the fund manager. The other two members of the Investment Committee are appointed by the BAGC Board.

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Launched at the World Economic Forum at Davos, the Beira Agricultural Growth Corridor (BAGC) is a partnership between governments, private investors, donor agencies and regional organisations which aims to boost agricultural productivity in Mozambique and the wider region. The Beira Corridor has offices and Maputo and can be contacted through this website.

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