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Smallholder Facility Projects

Projects currently running within the Smallholder Facility framework include:

Empresa de Comercializaçao Agrícola (ECA)

The BAGC has provided a grant of US$50.000 to ECA through Smallholder facility fund for the implementation of productivity improvement programme during the 2011/12 season. ECA aims to increase the yields of maize production among the small farmers, from 0.5MT/ha to at least 1.5MT/ha, through introducing extension advice and better inputs (e.g. improved seed varieties and fertilizers).

ECA has built a strong and well organized small farmers structure, with good impact around Catandica. Currently ECA works directly with 850 small farmers organized in clubs and has the support of the local Government on its actions.

Associação Phatani Phaza

The Phatani Phaza Association is a producer’s organization located in Barue district which aims to provide services to its members, technical assistance for production, credit and inputs access and agricultural marketing services. It is expected that this project will benefit 1.500 smallholders by increasing their income through the use of good agricultural practices, introducing agricultural inputs; and then marketing their production through structured markets. The association has a running contract with institutional buyers such as the WFP and oil processing companies. The association is unable to consistently meet its contractual obligations due to lack of secure storage facilities. The association will, with co-financing of the BAGC and Micaia Foundation construct a warehouse to store grain and oilseed crops destined for the identified markets.

International Potato Center

International Potato Center (CIP) is aiming to increase income of smallholder potato farmers in the Beira Corridor through improved access to quality seed, sustainable crop management practices. It is expected that the project will contribute to the national goal by sustaining the production and utilization of Mozambican potatoes for improving livelihoods of more than 800,000 farming households living in the Beira Corridor.

Clean Star Cassava Programme

Clean Star has installed an ethanol plant with a capacity to process 12 ton of cassava chips/day, producing 5000 litres/day of alcohol. Cassava is purchased from smallholder growers and converted into bio-ethanol and flour for local and national markets. The annual demand for cassava is 12000 ton to be increased gradually. Clean Star has been working with the National Research Institute (IIAM) to identify varieties of cassava that exhibit tolerance to the severe yield depressing disease – cassava mosaic virus that is prevalent in our target growing area. BAGC has provided a $20.000 grant to clean star to establish a nursery that will allow the company to rapidly multiply seedlings for distribution to participating farmers. The company expect to produce 80,000 stem cuttings in Nov 2012 and 880,000 stem cuttings in 2013. This should allow the project to supply 100 ha’s of improved planting material to family producers in 2013 and 1,000 ha’s in 2014.


The smallholder facility has provided a $35.000 grant for development of RDI outgrowers scheme. RDI will provide community training and support, as well as irrigation, fertiliser and nutrition to the 56 participating outgrowers. Participating outgrower farmers can earn $2,350 per annum. RDI will contract directly with outgrowers, and facilitate a route to market and access to technology.

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