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About the Catalytic Fund


What is the Catalytic Fund?

The Catalytic Fund is a social venture capital fund which supports early-stage businesses, helping to ‘kick start’ commercially-viable agriculture in the Beira corridor region. All businesses must demonstrate direct benefits for smallholder farmers and local communities.  

What is the purpose of the Catalytic Fund?

The purpose of the Catalytic Fund is to leverage private investment into socially-responsible agriculture businesses, including irrigated food crop production.  It aims to demonstrate that it is possible to develop profitable agriculture businesses, with major social benefits.

How will the Catalytic Fund operate?

The Catalytic Fund provides low-cost funding of $50,000 to $500,000 to eligible businesses.  Recipients must agree to enter into a joint venture with AgDevCo, the manager of the Catalytic Fund, to develop the business opportunity. AgDevCo works closely with project sponsors to make the business “bankable” and secure third-party debt and equity investment as soon as possible.

What level of financial returns does the Catalytic Fund seek?

The Catalytic Fund seeks to recover its capital and make a financial return (likely to be in the range 5-10% in USD terms overall). As a revolving facility, all returns are recycled into developing new investment opportunities. 

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